The artist is present … Jay-Z performs Picasso Baby for six hours in front of a crowd at New York’s Pace Gallery. Photograph: Raymond Hall/FilmMagic



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I can’t get over Picasso baby

i’m not going to critique jay-z but rather the art world…..i’m just gonna rant about the fact that i can’t get over jerry saltz “rapping” along with him.


for those of you living under a rock with a crappy internet connection, jay z released a song, ‘picasso baby’, with an accompanying video “picasso baby: a performance art film,” shot in july 10 2013 at the pace gallery in ny. needless to say it was an event catered to the ny art world, and among the attendees were marina abramovic, andres serrano, george condo, bill powers, sandra gering and of course our dear jerry….


what still gets me is that this performance was touted by jay z with gems like “art and rap are like cousins, we’re not that different y’know?” and “art should be close for everyone”.

butttttttttt, and this is what got me over the edge and makes me talk about this event to this day: why, if he really wanted to be with the people, would he have the show at an art gallery, with the in crowd? …i mean, really: if jerry saltz, who’s generally outspoken and unafraid to call others out, was invited and agreed to show up, and seemed to be having fun while looking like a complete dork, isn’t this proof enough that the whole thing was just plain bs?!


isn’t this just a way for the art world to say to those who are desperate to get in ‘come, entertain us’, how we would talk to a child, or a monkey that knows its way with a skateboard?


and the biggest red flag of all: the kardashian of the art world, our dear marina abramovic was there, stealing the spotlight, acting like a true “performance artist” woul, sketchy and staring, staring, staring, staring…did i mention, staring?


and then there’s jerry, trying to ‘play’ himself, the art critic that answers to whatever jay z was rapping with a poignant line, trying to come off as smart…sorry jerry, but you ended up looking like a true gringo who sucks at the lambada


the whole thing was a true inside job, and i appreciate the attempt but, next time, mr jay z, try a different guest list


anyway, that jay z, he’s got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one